PERIPERA Peach Milk Blur Face Primer NEW K-Beauty korean beauty - Health & Beauty:Makeup:Eyes:Eye Shadow Primer

PERIPERA Peach Milk Blur Face Primer NEW K-Beauty korean beauty

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  • (1) Enjoy star-worthy, smooth peachy skin like you were born with it! Get a fair, glowing complexion instantly!

    (2) Get smooth, star-worthy skin in seconds! Say goodbye to those pale, lifeless complexions! Give your dull skin a peachy, radiant glow instantly! Smooth Blurring Effect + UV Protection! Smart Double-Action Cream.

    (3) Get a natural peachy complexion with Peach-Vita Whitening.

    - 14.000PPM 98% natural peach extract! : The vitamin-rich peach extract vitalizes and moisturizes your skin.
    - New Zealand bovine colostrum for baby-soft : The bovine colostrum sourced from the pristine region of New Zealand keeps your skin baby-soft with its whitening and calming properties.
    - Highly nutritious Jeju goat milk for healthy skin : Closest in structure to human milk, goat milk helps strengthen the skin with its exceptional nutritional benefits.
    - Vita Complex 10 for a brighter skin tone! : The complex of 10 different types of vitamins instantly brightens up your face and keeps it looking healthy and radiant!

    Get a vibrant, peachy glow in seconds! Milk blur covers your pores and blemishes seamlessly and leaves you with flawless, picture-perfect skin!

    PANG's UV protection and tone correction effect.
    Enjoy the glowing, peachy complexion that looks so natural!

    - Peach Blur CC PEACH Milk Blur : UV Protection, Color Correction : Vibrant and bright complexion : (Skin Type) Pale, lifeless.


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