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ARDELL Deluxe Pack Eyelashes 110 Black + DUO Adhesive + Applicator

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STYLE ~ 110

contains 2 pairs of eyelashes,  2.5g White Duo Adhesive (made up of 3 mini tubes)

& Lash Applicator

  • Complete Pretty Lash Kit: Don’t you have somewhere to be? No more running scrambling around looking for everything you need to craft up some lovely lash looks. Get great results on the double with the Deluxe Pack 110- Black from Ardell. Each lovely lash pack includes 2 pairs of the adorable Ardell 110 - Black lashes, a convenient-sized tube of waterproof DUO® lash adhesive and the soft-touch lash applicator.
  • Light and Lifelike Lashes: Charming with a touch of elegance! Ardell’s Pack 110 Black is fitted with light volume it enhances your very own lashes instead of overpowering them. Short staggered lash fibers give you a naturally lively flair!
  • Bright-Eyed Beautiful: Make everyone fall in love with you with eyes as bright as the sun. Open up and experience a brand new beauty with the Ardell 110 - Black. Features a round lash profile that brings the natural beauty of your eyes out into the world with an expressive glow.
  • Luxurious Invisiband® Fit: You’re all dolled up to go! But before you take your first step outside you see something that bothers you. Girl, you’re falsies are sticking out! Never experience moments like that anymore more with Ardell’s Invisiband® lash band technology Get an undetectable, comfy faux lash fit right out of the box. No more snagging and snapping! Spoil yourself with a gorgeous lash look each and every time.


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